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From:我们知道,在 laravel 中使用 resource 的话,只需要绑定模型,在创建表单,链接时,直接可以拿来用,不需要单独的去给路由 as 别名如Route::resource(‘main’,’MainController’);// 创建链接URL::route(‘main.i

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我们知道,在 laravel 中使用 resource 的话,只需要绑定模型,在创建表单,链接时,直接可以拿来用,不需要单独的去给路由 as 别名


// 创建链接


但是我们使用 Route::controller 时,在创建链接,尝试用以上方法访问时,就会报错


// 创建链接

URL::route('main.index') // 抛出路由不存在的错误

那我们如何像使用 resource 一样方便的来使用 controller 呢?

很简单,我们打开 controller 的源码一看就知道了

// 源码路径:vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Routing/Router.php :257 行


     * Route a controller to a URI with wildcard routing.
     * @param  string  $uri
     * @param  string  $controller
     * @param  array   $names
     * @return void
    public function controller($uri, $controller, $names = array())
        $prepended = $controller;

        // First, we will check to see if a controller prefix has been registered in
        // the route group. If it has, we will need to prefix it before trying to
        // reflect into the class instance and pull out the method for routing.
        if ( ! empty($this->groupStack))
            $prepended = $this->prependGroupUses($controller);

        $routable = $this->getInspector()->getRoutable($prepended, $uri);

        // When a controller is routed using this method, we use Reflection to parse
        // out all of the routable methods for the controller, then register each
        // route explicitly for the developers, so reverse routing is possible.
        foreach ($routable as $method => $routes)
            foreach ($routes as $route)
                $this->registerInspected($route, $controller, $method, $names);

        $this->addFallthroughRoute($controller, $uri);

// 我们看到可以传递第三个参数,是一个数组,那么数组的内容是什么呢?此方法里面没有处理 name,我们注意看这一行

$this->registerInspected($route, $controller, $method, $names);

//好了,我们找到 registerInspected 这个方法,看他如何处理 name

     protected function registerInspected($route, $controller, $method, &$names)
        $action = array('uses' => $controller.'@'.$method);

        // If a given controller method has been named, we will assign the name to the
        // controller action array, which provides for a short-cut to method naming
        // so you don't have to define an individual route for these controllers.
        $action['as'] = array_get($names, $method);

        $this->{$route['verb']}($route['uri'], $action);

我们看到他以 . 去切割了 name ,然后加入了进去,这样我们就清楚很多啦



// 现在就可以使用创建链接啦


这些东西找了下 laravel 文档没找着,所以自己直接看的源码

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