[Flex]AmFast Remoting for Python

AmFast is a new AMF0/AMF3 encoder/decoder for Python.
• AmFast's core encoder and decoder are written in C, so it's around 18x faster than PyAmf.
• The encoder and decoder accept user-defined Python objects that allow customization of the encoding/decoding process.
• Supports custom class mapping.
• Supports remoting with NetConnection and RemoteObject.
• Remoting headers can be exposed to callable targets to allow for quick implementation of authentication and other AMF features that rely on headers.
• Supports data persistence with SQLAlchemy, including remotely-loadable lazy-loaded attributes.
• Supports Actionscript code generation for mapped classes.
Project Page
It is really great to see how opening the AMF and RTMP protocols have really improved integration with server languages. To exchange objects makes development so much easier.
Ted 🙂

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