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简介 Book Description:
Video is one of the most exciting features on today's Internet, with widespread adoption being made possible by advances in bandwidth and software. But simply streaming video clips to Web users is only the tip of the iceberg! Flash CS3 offers a whole host of advanced video features, allowing you to create breathtaking user experiences.
And this book, the 2nd edition of the critically-acclaimed Foundation Flash 8 Video, shows you how to make the most of video in Flash CS3. The authors start with the basics of creating video ready for use on the web using popular applications such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, creating FLV (Flash video) using both Flash and other applications such as Sorenson Squeeze, and importing that video into Flash.
With that out the way, then turn their attention to essential practical techniques such as creating and customizing video players, applying blends and filters to Flash Video, effective use of video alpha channel and masks, captioning, cue points, interactivity using the Camera object, going full screen, and much more.
This edition is fully-updated for Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0, and includes many new examples.
Learn how to create video for the web using popular applications such as iMovie and Movie Maker, and turn it into Flash Video using Flash, and other tools such as Sorenson Squeeze
Learn several essential practical techniques for manipulating video in Flash
New edition fully-updated for Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0, with new examples
What you'll learn
All the essential video features of Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0
How to create video using iMovie and Windows Movie Maker
How to process that video into Flash Video (FLV) using Flash, Sorenson Squeeze, and Flix Pro
How to create a video player and customize it
How to apply fantastic filters and blend modes to your video
How to use masks with video
How to create applications with multiple videos
How to allow the user to interact with your Flash using the camera object
How to add captions to your video
How to work will full screen video
A whole host of tips and special effects
Who is this book for?
This book is for anyone who wants to learn Flash video from the ground up.
目录 Summary of Contents
Chapter 1 Creating and Playing Flash Video
Before you import
Importing a video with the Flash Import Video Wizard
Using the Flash CS3 Video Encoder
Playing an FLV file in Flash CS3 Professional
So your clients saw YouTube . . . and now they want online video
What you’ve learned
Chapter 2 Editing Video for Flash
Nonlinear editing
Windows Movie Maker
Working with clips
Editing in Movie Maker
Apple iMovie
Editing in iMovie
Working with iMovie clips
Adding and adjusting audio
Exporting your movie
What you’ve learned
Chapter 3 Alternative FLV-Creation Tools
Data rate
Using Flix Pro
Using Sorenson Squeeze 4.5
Previewing your work
Adobe Media Player
Adobe Bridge CS3
What you’ve learned
Chapter 4 Creating a Custom Player
The FLVPlayback component and buffering
Creating a custom video controller
Adding the components at runtime
A word about skinning the components
Creating a custom video player
Connecting the Video object to a web server
Adding playback controls to a streaming video
Adding a Playing Progress bar and a timer to a streaming video
Your turn: Creating your own custom player
Preparing to move from Fireworks to Flash
Fireworks symbols and Flash symbols
Wiring up the custom player with ActionScript 3.0
Controlling the volume level of a video
Showing the loading and playing progress of an FLV file
What you’ve learned
Chapter 5 “Talking Head” Video and Alpha Channels
Creating an Alpha channel video with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Creating an Alpha channel video with Adobe After Effects CS3
Creating an FLV file directly out of After Effects CS3
Creating an Alpha channel video in Final Cut Pro
Creating an FLV file with an Alpha channel
Playing with Alpha channel video in Flash
Trimming video
Alpha channel video and scrollable text
Reflections on an Alpha video theme
Alpha video and HTML
What you’ve learned
Chapter 6 Adding Filters and Blend Effects to Flash Video
Video trick #1: The “point-of-light” effect
Video trick #2: The “ghost-in-the-machine” effect
Video trick #3: Somebody fix the dang color!
Filters and Flash video
Applying filters and blends through ActionScript
Using buttons to turn filters on and off
Your turn: Using buttons to turn blend modes on and off
What you’ve learned
Chapter 7 Masking Video
Creating a simple mask
Using an image as a mask
Video masks and ActionScript
A flashlight effect
Using ActionScript to dynamically add a masking object
Drawing with ActionScript
Where did everything go?
Playing with masking colors
Tweening and easing = Swiss cheese
Your turn: Masks in motion
What you’ve learned
Chapter 8 Flash Video Tricks, Tips, and Special Effects
Rotoscoping video
Create your own iPod ad
Letting video show its age
Ageing through code
Using SWFObject to deploy a SWF file
The EOLAS patent dispute
Using SWFObject
Using ExpressInstall
Using a preview image as a video placeholder
The amazing virtual FLVPlayback component
Letting the user “play” with the video
Looping video
If you can watch the video, why not watch the audio?
Adding Flash video to Dreamweaver CS3
What you’ve learned
Chapter 9 Playing with Multiple Videos
Using a ComboBox component
XML and the ComboBox component
A video deck
Playing videos sequentially
Playing sequential videos through the FLVPlayback component
A video clock
Your turn: Interactive video
What you’ve learned
Chapter 10 The Camera Object and Flash Video
Flash and the Camera object
A video box
Flipping video
Playing Blade Runner in Toronto
Preparing the Video objects
Recording and broadcasting video
Capturing the screen
Capturing webcam content
Your turn: A little game of “gotcha”
What you’ve learned
Chapter 11 Cue Points and Captions in Flash Video
Cue points explained
Using the Flash CS3 Video Encoder to create cue points
ActionScript and cue points
Cue points and XML
Using the FLVPlaybackCaptioning component
Timed text XML for captions
Navigating through cue points with ActionScript
Using the ComboBox for cue point navigation
Your turn: Using event cue points to launch web pages
What you’ve learned
Chapter 12 Going Small and Going Big with Flash Video
Going small—playing video on a cell phone
Controlling video using the soft keys
Going the other way—Flash to QuickTime
Using the keypad to play multiple videos
Going big—enter H.264
Playing an H.264 video
Using the metadata in an MPEG-4 file
Let’s think big—really big
Using the FLVPlayback component to play HD video
What you’ve learned
关于作者 About the Author
Tom Green
Tom is currently Professor of Interactive Media in the School of Media Studies at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada. He has written 4 previous books on Macromedia technologies, and many articles for numerous magazines and web sites, including the MX Developers Journal, Community MX, and Computer arts. Lastly, he has spoken at over 20 conferences internationally, including FITC, MX North, Digital Design World, TODCON, and SparkEurope.
Adam Thomas
Adam' career can best be defined as a successful hobby. Having an early interest in computers and being mostly self-taught, he decided to go to Humber College in Toronto, studying computer information systems. Soon after his graduation in 2001, Adam was invited back to his school to be a professor of Rich Media and Web Development. Alongside teaching he runs a successful web studio called Robin Hood Tech. Adam takes pride in employing former students who he has had the privilege of teaching and gives them the opportunity to gain experience and excel in a competitive field. Adam is cofounder of the Robin Hood Business Model which advocates for justice in business. Adam strives for integrity and simplicity but his true motivation is his wife and family who are daily reminders of love, faith and blessing.
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