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类别:教程 出品的 ActionScript 3.0 XML 协同工作教程。在 ActionScript 3.0: Working with XML 教程中,讲师 托德·帕金斯 特别强调为博客、播客、图像等站点使用 RSS 技术,并示范了如何以 XML 执行一些常见的任务,例如 E4X 语法的使用,从本地和远程装载外部数据,与流行的如 Flickr 服务的整合等。
RSS 是一种描述和同步网站内容的格式,是目前使用最广泛的 XML 应用。
ActionScript 3.0 是基于 ECMAScript 的编程语言,用来编写 Adobe Flash 电影和应用程序。设计 ActionScript 3.0 的意图是创建一种适合快速地构建效果丰富的互联网应用程序的语言,这种应用程序已经成为 Web 体验的重要部分。
Welcome 1:45 2.2 MB
Using the exercise files 0:48 0.7 MB
Prerequisites 1:16 2 MB
1. Understanding XML Data
Understanding XML 1:30 1.4 MB
Visualizing XML 0:56 0.9 MB
Exploring an XML file 3:31 4.8 MB
2. Creating XML in ActionScript 3.0
Understanding E4X syntax 3:55 4.1 MB
Working with XML attributes using E4X 1:11 1.5 MB
Using XML methods 2:48 3.9 MB
Replacing and deleting elements and attributes 1:15 1.6 MB
Accessing elements and attributes using descendant selectors 3:26 4 MB
3. Working with External XML Data
Loading XML from an external file 3:50 5 MB
Working with comments and processing instructions 2:11 2.9 MB
Working with an XMLList 1:49 2.3 MB
Understanding XMLList syntax 2:17 3.6 MB
Working with E4X operators 2:32 3.2 MB
Looping through XML data 6:24 7.9 MB
4. Building a Reusable RSS Reader Class
Exploring an RSS file 3:01 4.8 MB
Building the RSSReader class 4:10 5.3 MB
Setting properties for the RSSReader class 3:05 4 MB
Dispatching events in the RSSReader class 3:38 4.6 MB
5. Using PHP with XML Data
Understanding PHP 2:28 2.3 MB
Installing the MAMP server (Mac) 6:12 8.5 MB
Setting file permissions (Mac) 1:58 1.9 MB
Installing WAMP (Windows) 3:28 5.7 MB
Using PHP to access remote XML 10:52 12.4 MB
Saving XML data locally 11:12 13.7 MB
Processing saved XML data 6:14 8 MB
6. Working with Blogs
Displaying blog posts 8:27 10.8 MB
Formatting dates 2:23 3 MB
Linking to an online blog 2:43 3.6 MB
7. Working with the Flickr API
Viewing the Flickr API 2:36 3 MB
Viewing the search class 7:17 9.9 MB
Understanding XML namespaces 3:50 5.9 MB
Accessing namespace qualified data 3:16 4.3 MB
Setting a default namespace 2:18 3.1 MB
Creating namespace qualified data 3:30 3.9 MB
Loading images from 6:43 9.1 MB
8. Working with Podcasts
Working with the iTunes Namespace 6:24 7.9 MB
Goodbye 0:34 0.6 MB
Todd Perkins
Todd Perkins is an Adobe Certified Instructor who spends much of his time teaching people how to use Adobe's web development software. Todd has several years of experience teaching people of all ages and backgrounds, and he is an expert at teaching complex concepts in a way anyone can understand. Todd is half of the dynamic duo at the All Things Adobe Podcast (, and he has authored a vast array of video training titles. Todd also loves to teach in classrooms, consult businesses, and train people online, but what he loves most is playing video games with his amazing wife, Jessica.
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