db4o 7.8 Release is available for immediate download! For more details please check the release notes.

Highlighted Contributions
from the community projects blog

  • Solving class loading issues with db4o and OSGi: Lukas Neukom kindly contributed a proof of concept (source code included) where he shows two ways to solve class loading issues with db4o and OSGi (by either using fragments or by implementing a bundle extender).
  • New podcast about object databases and db4o: Alt.NET Podcast just featured db4o in Episode 14 entitled "Object Databases". Guests to the podcast are Rob Conery and James Avery.
  • Tips on indexing and query optimization: This blog post shows some indexing basics and performance tips by Arne Claassen. Among other things Arne shows you which assemblies to include to make sure your native queries can be optimized.
  • db4o v7.4 for Mono: Arne Claassen has been playing with db4o under Mono and came up with a DLL for db4o v7.4 that works beautifully across .NET and Mono from a single build (dll available for download).
  • Using db4o for unit test results verification: The author of "Nails and Hammers" blog shows how to use the TestSpy pattern (described in Gerard Meszaros' xUnit Test Patterns) in combination with db4o. TestSpy is a class that can be ?injected' in a tested class in order to instrument and capture its behaviour. In this blog post TestSpy is used to persist objects created in the tested method to be verified at a later stage.
  • New db4o sample app: BookStore.NET: a digital book management application by Mihnea Radulescu using db4o v7.4 and C# 2.0, targeting the .NET Framework 2.0. It allows the user to manage all of its digital books and articles (pdf, chm, html, doc, rtf, etc.) on the computer in an elegant and effective way (files are stored as binary in the database file).
  • Follow db4o on Twitter!: db4objects is now broadcasting news and updates on Twitter!
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