[MVC]Free ASP.NET MVC “NerdDinner” Tutorial Now in

Scott联合几位编写的《Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 》在线文档上线了,以下引自Scott的blog:

Last month I blogged about a free end-to-end ASP.NET MVC tutorial called “NerdDinner” that I wrote for the Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 book from Wrox Press.  The book is now released and shipping on Amazon

The NerdDinner tutorial walks through how to build a small, but complete, application using ASP.NET MVC, and introduces some of the core concepts behind it.  You can download a PDF version of the tutorial here.

NerdDinner Tutorial Now Also Available in HTML

A few minutes ago I finished publishing an HTML version of the NerdDinner tutorial as well.  You can read it online for free here.

I split the tutorial up across 12 segments to make it more manageable to read.  I also increased the sizes of the screenshots, and used a really nifty syntax highlighter that Scott Hanselman helped set me up with.  I actually find the end result a lot easier to read than the PDF version.

Below are links to the different NerdDinner tutorial segments:

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